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Main Aspects of the Design of this Website

1) Purpose: to represent the views, processes and documents of this residents association. Although there are a few images as illustration, this is mostly a text-based website. See the Sitemap for the process for agreeing and publishing online. Please pass comments, suggested changes or email new text to the site Secretary

2) Coding: in HTML5 with CSS3, then wrapped up in PHP to allow some programming so that all repeating sections can be 'templated'. The code is therefore relatively uncluttered

3) Display Screen: initially designed to fit onto an iPad screen in landscape mode. Now 4 adaptive designs: iPad or monitor in landscape format; iPad in portrait mode; iPhone in portrait mode; iPhone in landscape mode, all with longer pages scrolling down out of the frame

4) Search: there is a Zoom™ search facility to enable searches of whole words across the website. For partial words add wildcards ? or *. There is some micro-markup to help Google find and crawl the site. A restrictive robots.txt focuses the Google search results

5) Accessibility: it mostly matches US Section 508 and WCAG 2.00 AAA standards, but may not be fully compliant. It has been tested on Internet Explorer 10 and Safari, but may not work so well on other or older browsers. Associated text files are usually in PDF format, with a note to load Adobe Acrobat, if required

6) Cookies: no cookies are used and no private information is requested or stored

7) A print style: there is a print.css, which strips out all the formatting and provides a plain printed text, although this may not work consistently on all the pages

8) Any comments: any comments about the design of the website, or about its accessibility are welcome. Use the email link on the Contacts page to pass comments, suggested changes or new text