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Major Works

Examples of major works include:

Major Works involve significant expense and organisation. Over the next five years, across Westminster, Westminster Housing will be managing work costing approx £250m. The process is fully explained in the CityWest Homes Lessee Handbook and includes statutory consultation with all residents. The LTRA committee keeps in contact with Westminster Housing policy makers and engineers. See below and check the News page for any updates on the present position.

The Library Project - currently cancelled

As of February 2015 Westminster City Council are in the process of agreeing new contractors for the Library Project, with the announcement in early March 2015(!). Work would then start maybe late summer 2015(!). No changes to the project have been tabled: the delay is a matter of how the finances are organised.


There was a survey of residents in Autumn 2014 about whether to replace the communal heating system with independent systems. The returns were in favour of each flat having an independent heating and hot water system. Since this involves changing leases it has been decided that a new ballot has to be run, possibly in March 2017. The switch off for the communal system will possibly be in the summer of 2018.

Roof and Downpipes

The roof has needed replacing for at least 5 years, and several of the downpipes are severely corroded: indeed one of them broke apart last year. This work was planned for summer 2015, but may have slipped to autumn 2016. There will be formal consultation with Westminster Housing, and tenders raised. We regard this as work that is obviously necessary, to be done as soon as possible: currently due to start Feb 2017.

Window Replacement

Replacement of all the windows in the block is a much larger project, particularly as it would be done at the same time as repainting the block. The whole project has been put back 2 or 3 years. When it happens the Residents will be fully consulted by Westminster Housing: there are major issues of design and cost that need to be agreed.