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Access to the Block

A key fob is needed to open the doors to the block. Each flat is restricted, for security reasons, to three key fobs, with extras if agreed. Replacement / extra fobs are £15 each, with proof of ID.

If you are moving in or out of the block, or have builders who need to move large amounts of material, please do not jam the main entry doors open: you may burn out the door motors. Contact the Estate Office in advance and they will switch the automatic doors off.

A main entrance door not locking is not considered an emergency, but is classed as urgent work with a priority of 1-3 days.


(It is characteristic of the block that there is often a strong wind blowing around the entry doors. There are plans to improve this with wind breaks and a porch for the main south door entrance.)

See also the notes on Security, the Entry Phone and Parking.