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Common Parts

Estate Inspections

Every three months, members of the LTRA committee meet with the estate team to conduct a full inspection, noting any potential concerns or problems with the building. These can include sub-standard cleaning, damaged windows or safety access. If you notice any issues, please let the LTRA know so it can be reported and repaired. See the entry on Estate Inspections for the detail.


This is sub-contracted by Westminster Housing. There is a cleaning person on site most of the working week, plus a cleaning supervisor. Their details can be seen on the LTRA noticeboard in the foyer, together with a schedule of their cleaning rotas. They do a daily inspection through all the common areas of the block, then focus on specific tasks, such as the corridor floors, which are waxed annually and polished every three months. The windows at the ends of the corridor should be cleaned every two months.

Corridors, lifts and staircase

It is a requirement of your lease or tenancy that the common parts of the block are kept clear of all obstructions: for example, no furniture or large plants in the corridors. See the Fire Loading Policy on the Fire Safety page. Smoking is not allowed in any of these areas. Surfaces are painted with fire resistant paint. The windows at the end of the corridors are cleaned every two months, using the bolts in the floor as a secure harness point for leaning out. See also the note Dogs in Communal Areas.


The timer clocks may go out of sync, or fail: If so, contact Westminster Housing who will adjust them:

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