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Report power cuts to UK Power Networks (24 hour) on 0800 31 63 105

You will have a meter box inside the flat, which cannot be read from outside. If you have a new digital meter, the main fuse for your property may not be accessible from inside the flat, but in an electricity supply cupboard in the corridor. If you require access to this you must contact Westminster Housing and co-ordinate your electrician with one of the estate team staff.

We recommend you ask an electrician to inspect your electrical supply and get a NEICE safety certificate. The regulations have changed significantly and your electrician may recommend upgrading your own control equipment with new RCDs (modern fuses that cut out so quickly they protect you from shocks).

If you need to arrange for a contractor to access the Intake Room, please contact Westminster Housing, who will require at least 3 days' notice. Due to health and safety reasons they cannot allow residents access to the intake cupboard, or allow them to give access to engineers undertaking work there.