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These are maintained by Westminster Housing. A designated member of the LTRA committee is in touch with their gardening team. There are fine, mature trees in the gardens, including London plane and ash. Some of these will be lost during the building work for the new library, but mature replacements are planned, including magnolia. Meanwhile the existing trees are periodically checked and trimmed by tree surgeons for their health to avoid weakened branches falling on residents.

There is a wild garden at the back of the grounds which is slowly being extended, plus hundreds of bulbs all over the grounds, which are occasionally renewed. There are plans to install bird boxes for spring 2016.

If you do use the gardens, please consider the residents who live nearby. The back lawn area for instance, is an amphitheatre for sound, so talk and laughter can be heard in all the overlooking flats. Please be mindful of your neighbours and use the grounds at reasonable hours. Barbecues are not allowed in the grounds. No skateboarding.

Landscaping - Library Project now cancelled

During the planning for the building of the new Westminster City Council library on the site of the existing playground, it was agreed that Luxborough Tower would have major landscaping improvements. There was significant consultation with residents, and design drawings can be seen on the website. Features will include:

See also the entry on the Landscaping Project.

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