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The two lifts serve alternate floors: odd (#248) and even (#247). Floor P is the ‘podium’. They are maintained by Westminster Housing with all repair and replacement costs re-charged to leaseholders through service charges.

Sensor system: the doors have a sensor system (you can see the red and green light strips). So, as you enter the lift, there is a slight electronic noise which won’t stop until you move away from the door into the body of the lift

Breakdowns: two processes
• you signal - there is an emergency button in each lift. This rings through to a central 24 hr monitoring room. They will take your details and decide how to respond. At night-time, they may call the Westminster Housing emergency services. Only phone 999 if all else fails
• automatic - if the lift stops working for a few minutes, the monitoring system will automatically kick in and contact the 24 hr monitoring room. This includes bringing up the image from the CCTV camera at the back of the lift. The operative can then give better help and guidance to the person trapped, or spot if, for instance, someone has collapsed