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Noise: External Building Work

All contractors are required to conform to Westminster City Council’s Considerate Constructors scheme. This imposes maximum working times and contact details. If an external builder is working beyond what is reasonable contact http://www.ccscheme.org.uk/index.php/affected-by-works (www)/. Sunday working is only allowed by express permission of Westminster Housing, in consultation with local residents.

Noise: Internal Building Work

Contractors working inside the block should follow the same guidelines as to noise, disruption, dirt and working hours. If you are responsible for a contractor please make sure they observe the guidelines. Drilling into the concrete of the block reverberates through the whole building. If your neighbour’s builder is working beyond the permitted hours, contact Westminster Housing.

Noise: Anti-Social Behaviour Outside the Block

Sitting in the Rose Garden or bringing your invited visitors into the grounds is welcome but not if the noise disturbs residents: consider that noise does rise. The problem of uninvited guests in Luxborough Tower or the grounds should be reduced if the new secure perimeter fence is installed, but meanwhile report a disturbance to:

The other main annoyances are alarms: from cars and from buildings. If persistent phone the police on 101, as it may be that someone is breaking into the vehicle or property

Noise: Anti-Social Behaviour Inside the Block

As above, though here you may wish to discuss it first: contact Westminster Housing.

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