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Due to changes in government legislation the way parking in the grounds of Luxborough Tower is managed has also had to change.

Anyone with valid permission to park here will need a new permit from the Estate Office (address below). If this isn't properly displayed they will be spotted by Westminster's parking 'Marshals' and will receive a penalty charge notice. This also applies to motorcycles and scooters.

Once inside the barrier there will no longer be numbered spaces. You will be able to park wherever there is a space designated for resident parking. The number of spaces should match the number of permits so there should always be a space somewhere, just not your previously numbered and reserved space.

There are a few spaces for visitors and contractors. These people are let through the barrier on your key fob, and then have to display a scratch card: if not, they could receive a penalty charge notice. These cards can only be purchased by residents in person on proof of ID and residency and cannot be purchased by the visitors themselves. These cards are available from the Central Service Centre, at 24 Lilestone Street, NW8 8SR. They are open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. Each scratch card is £1 for 2 hours. Each property is able to purchase up to 60 scratch cards per rolling 12 months.

Residents can also use the following parking options:

Garages and parking spaces are not passed on with the property. If you have just moved in you don’t inherit someone else’s parking space or garage but have to join the bottom of the queue.

See Access to the Block for what to do about visitors.

Congestion Charge

Luxborough Tower is just inside the Congestion Charge zone. The boundary runs across the northern end of Luxborough Street, opposite Madame Tussauds. See the Transport for London (www) website.

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