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If you are having contractors on site (see also Access to the Block):

Residents can use the following parking options:

Garages and parking spaces are not passed on with the property. If you have just moved in you don’t inherit someone else’s parking space or garage but have to join the bottom of the queue.

See Access to the Block for what to do about visitors.

When parking you must take care not to block any access points or obstruct emergency vehicles. If your parking place has been improperly taken by someone else, contact Wings ecurity, who manage the parking contract for the block, and do regular spot checks. If your own car is improperly parked they may fine you £50.

Congestion Charge

Luxborough Tower is just inside the Congestion Charge zone. The boundary runs across the northern end of Luxborough Street, opposite Madame Tussauds. See the Transport for London (www) website.

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