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Westminster Housing has strict rules on pet ownership. The lease says:
The Lessee shall not keep in the demised premises any dog, cat or other animal.

The guidance on the Westminster Housing website says:
If you want a dog, you must first get our permission. We only give permission to residents who live on the ground floor and who have a private garden. Anyone who has permission must also ensure that the dog carries identification and is kept under control at all times. The dog must not cause a nuisance or be a danger to anyone. You must also make sure that it doesn’t foul the common parts. Dog mess is a health hazard and you could face a fine if you don’t scoop a poop.

If pets in the block cause you a nuisance, contact Westminster Housing. There was recent clarification from Westminster Housing about Dogs in Communal Areas:

Residents should be wary and courteous when in the communal areas with a dog. Action can be taken against you to rehouse your dog if it is causing a nuisance to other residents or visitors. This includes your dog fouling in the communal grounds and corridors, as well as general barking and/or intimidation. All dogs should be on a lead and are not allowed to be exercised in the communal areas/grounds. If you are affected by any incidences, contact Westminster Housing. (21st Nov 2014)