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The lighting around the foot of the block has recently been improved. There were plans to make the whole site more secure, with a full perimeter fence and an entry phone at the street. (These are currently cancelled.)

Please do not let unknown people into the block. Strangers should use the entry phone system and be given access by the flat they are visiting. This is difficult and sometimes unavoidable but be aware if someone ‘tailgates’ you into the building. Please challenge all strangers trying to get into the building: politely but firmly.

There have been a few problems with pickpockets and theft, and recently some muggings in the area by males on mopeds. Our main security problem involves people ignoring our ‘private property’ signs and coming onto the site. Usually they move on, although they do sometimes make a noise. The best advice is not to tackle the situation alone but to report the problem:

Local police are on:

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Westminster Housing, after continuing incidents in and around the block, have now installed CCTV, with cameras overlooking the north and south entrances and the northern undercroft. The cameras will only take images from areas considered public places, where there is no expectation of privacy. The images will be kept for 28 days, in accordance with the Data Protection Act, and will only be viewed by selected members of Westminster Housing staff, and only if and when an incident is reported by the police. The police would need to report the incident number to our Customer Services on 0800 358 3783 and request CCTV.

Meanwhile Westminster Housing is discussing with the Police and with the Residents Association other ways to help limit anti-social and criminal behaviour in the area, eg: limiting the seating around the Rose Garden, improved lighting, better communications with the police through a Neighbourhood Watch scheme. If you are interested and can help contact the committee or contact Westminster Housing.

Westminster Housing have an Anti-Social Behaviour unit: use the phone number or email from the Contact page. Westminster City Council have an Anti-Social Behaviour unit: see their website.

Rough Sleepers

If residents notice rough sleeping on the estate they should contact Westminster Housing. They can also email Street Concern or phone them on Street Link on 0300 500 0914 or report through their website at www.streetlink.org.uk.

See also Anti-Social Behaviour, Access to the Block and the Entry Phone.

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