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If the water supply goes off, contact Thames Water at thameswater.co.uk. However, the problem is unlikely to be with them. It will most likely to be the pumps in the basement of the Tower which have temporarily failed, so contact Westminster Housing. If the outage goes on too long, there is a tap on the wall of the university, in between some of the garages, but not drinking water.

There are many types of water supply in the block:

Water Rates

Save money on your water rates! Thames Water have a special, cheaper annual charge for properties that have a water meter. They can’t fit a water meter to the supply in Luxborough Tower, but they will still charge you the lower tariff if you ask for a meter to be installed! They come to the flat, investigate, discover that a water meter can’t be fitted to your flat and then put you on the cheaper tariff anyway - because you asked.

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