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Development on Luxborough Street

We are pleased to hear that the development project for the playground site on Luxborough Street is back in planning. If this goes ahead it includes a significant relandscaping of Luxborough Tower, with full fencing and major improvements to security. Formal Westminster planning consultation papers have just been delivered to all flats and leasees. Please make sure that you respond to these planning applications as positively as you can. Full details are on the Westminster website: log-in and have your say. (AH Aug19)

Major Works

After the last meeting between the Residents Association and Westminster Housing, the Residents Association has retained the services of a specialist Property Lawyer, to help with the process of challenging Westminster's estimated costs for major Works. We don't have any agreed programme of works, yet Westminster have sent out estimated costs at around £6.5m for the block. There will be more meetings. (AH Jul19)

AGM - Annual General Meeting 10th September 2019 6pm

The next AGM for the Luxborough Tower Residents Association will be Tuesday 10th September at 6pm in the downstairs meeting room. Please do attend. News of progress with Major Works. Minutes are now available in the documents folder.

Crane in our Car Park Weds 31st July

Recently a crane came on site to remove electrocic equipment from the University. They didn't manage to complete and so they are returning on 31st July, bringing a crane as before, to our back car park. The operation will be supervised and the contractors are making a good will contribution to the Residents Association.

Exploratory Survey

As part of the planned major works at Luxborough Tower (project S165), the City Council has commissioned a company to carry out some additional external surveys at a number of locations at the ground floor of the building. The surveys will be carried out by a company called Gunite.

The surveys will start on Wednesday 10 July and be completed by Friday 12 July. The work for each day should last up to 4 hours and will be between 9:00am – 6:00pm.

The areas of the surveys will be away from any foot traffic areas or entrances. Residents and visitors will be able to enter and exit from the block as usual. They will use a high pressure water to remove all surface contaminates such dirt and biological growth and then carry out their surveys. There will be some noise while the high pressure water is used.

For any questions while the surveys are being done please contact Matthew Otter, from Gunite, on 07753 967000.

Crane in our Car Park Weds 26th June

7am - 4pm on Weds 26th: June O'Shea, the developers of the apartment block on Paddington Street, are bringing a crane on site, to our back car park. They have done this several times before. The operation will be supervised and the contractors are making a good will contribution to the Residents Association.

Crane in our Car Park Thurs 9th/Fri 10th May

8am - 5pm on Thursday 9th May electronic equipment is being removed from the roof of the University residence block. This requires a crane in our car park. Westminster Housing have done a full distribution to residents with the detail. The operation will be supervised and the contractors are making a good will contribution to the Residents Association. The crane broke down, so they are returning for a second day.

Changes to Management

Westminster City Council has taken the management of housing in the borough back into direct management. This means closing CityWest Housing and bringing all the services in-house. Contact details are mostly the same - do check the Contacts page.

Major Works

The Major Works programme is moving forward again. Attached is the latest list of proposed small and major works to be done. See draft list with LTRA comments (PDF).

The next meeting to discuss this is Tues 30th April at 6.15pm in the meetings room. All residents are welcome to attend. There will be further consultation organised by Westminster in May.

Changes to Parking

Changes in the law mean that wheel clamping is no longer allowed and Westminster cannot issue Parking tickets. They are consulting on the implementation of Traffic Management Orders. See the Westminster website for more information. One result would be that people parking under the block would no longer have a fixed parking space.

Fire Safety

Please see the text on Fire Safety in the Handbook section.

Major Works

The Major Works programme is moving forward, with a massive list of small and major works to be done. See draft list with LTRA comments (PDF).

The next meeting to discuss this is Wednes 23rd Jan at 6.15pm in the meetings room. All residents are welcome to attend. There will be further consultation in February.

Strange Construction in the University

We are told that the strange wooden construction in the grounds of the University of Westminster is a temporary structure which will be removed in November. The University had applied for retrospective planning permission.

Central Area Service Centre closed for refurbishment

The Central Area Service Centre at the Greenside Community Centre, Lisson Green estate, to close temporarily for refurbishment from 5.00pm, Wednesday 13 September 2017 for approximately two months.

While the office is closed, Westminster Housing will continue to offer the same range of services locally from different venues. Teams offering housing and income services will move to the Church Street Estate Office, Cherwell House, Penfold Street, London NW8 8PT. You can also phone the central Customer Services 0800 358 3783, or email at customerservices@westminster.gov.uk or go online at www.westminster.gov.uk.

Use of the Luxborough Tower Car Park, Again

CWH have agreed that O'Shea (the developer of the nearly completed building on Paddington Street) may use the car park of Luxborough Tower for their crane. Key points:

Roof Replacement - Meet the Contractors

The roof to the block is to be replaced. It has been leaking for years. There are many associated repairs to be done at the same time - CWH have sent around a letter outlining the works.

Thurs 1st June 6.30-7.30pm there is a Meet the Contractor session in the Luxborough Tower Meeting Room for explanations and questions. (AH May17)

Change of Management

CWH homes are making new changes to the staffing and organisation of the Estate Offices. Until the details are clear in June continue to contact Westminster Housing, but use the generic Estate Office email rather than a particular named email address. See the contacts page.

Use of the Luxborough Tower Car Park, Again

CWH have agreed that O'Shea (the developer of the nearly completed building on Paddington Street) may use the car park of Luxborough Tower for their crane. Key points:

Local Police

From the local police: We now have a new internet home page which is much improved. It is far more interactive and transparent with statistics. This will give you a better idea of the crimes on the ward and where they are being reported on a map. It also provides an easy and quick way to report more minor crimes. Go to https://beta.met.police.uk/your-area/westminster/marylebone-high-street/. And start following us on twitter for regular local updates and news. Our twitter handle is @MPSMarylebone. (May 2017)

Troy Miller | Dedicated Ward Officer | Marylebone High Street

Twitter: @MPSMarylebone
T: 07769 139532
T: 0207 321 9562
E: david.t.miller@met.pnn.police.uk
A: Paddington Green Police Station, 2-4 Harrow Road, London, W2 1XJ

CCTV Installed

Westminster Housing, after continuing incidents in and around the block, have now installed CCTV, with 3 cameras overlooking the north and south entrances and the northern undercroft. The cameras will only take images from areas considered public places, where there is no expectation of privacy. The images will be kept for 28 days, in accordance with the Data Protection Act, and will only be viewed by selected members of Westminster Housing staff, and only if and when an incident is reported.

Meanwhile Westminster Housing is discussing with the Police and with the Residents Association other ways to help limit anti-social and criminal behaviour in the area, eg: limiting the seating around the Rose Garden, improved lighting, better communications with the police through a Neighbourhood Watch scheme. If you are interested and can help contact the committee or the Westminster Housing Estate Office. See the Security page. (AH Apr 2017)

Major Works Delayed

At the LTRA Committee meeting in March 2017 we learned that the Major Works planned for Luxborough Tower will be delayed until 2019/2020. Westminster Housing are changing the way they commission contractors to undertake repairs and Capital Projects. They are about to enter a 10 year contract with one preferred contractor, with the aim of improving the quality of work. This contractor will take on the design work for Luxborough Tower and see the whole project through.

The scope and scale of the works is still under discussion, but could include:

The LTRA Committee will continue to discuss these with Westminster Housing. We welcome any member of the Association at meetings, or who can offer specific help in dealing with these large projects. (AH Apr 2017)

Library Project - Cancelled

Westminster City Council has announced that the proposed redevelopment of Marylebone Library on Luxborough Street will not go ahead, following a substantial cost increase of £6 million. The council says it "remains committed to providing a library in Marylebone and will continue to provide a temporary library whilst looking for a permanent site. The temporary library on Beaumont Street will move to a new location on nearby New Cavendish Street in early 2017." We understand that a permanent library could be sited within a refurbished Seymour Leisure Centre. (July 2016)

Luxborough Tower residents now wait to discover:

Change of Manager and Office

Alex Bevan has taken over as Village Manager from Rodney Pedroza. Alex was Estate Manager a few years ago so knows the block and our problems and concerns. There is an organised transition.

Menwhile the location of the Estate Office is changing from 5th Dec 2016, moving from Soho to the Central Area Service Centre in Lisson Green (where it was previously). See details on the contacts page.

Use of the Luxborough Tower Car Park, Again

CWH have agreed that O'Shea (the developer of the nearly completed building on Paddington Street) may use the car park of Luxborough Tower for their crane. Key points:

Renewal of LTRA Membership 2016

Membership of LTRA (Luxborough Tower Residents Association) lasts for 3 years. So, this year, we are asking all residents to join the association, or to re-new their membership if they already belong. We will put a form through your door during the year or there is a membership form under the documents tab on this site. Please do join. (AH Apr 2016)

Major Works Surveys

CWH have appointed an independent surveyor to carry out a condition survey of Luxboirough Tower. This will inform the detail of what Major Works are carried out over the next 2 years. Surveys of about 10% of flats will take place 3rd Oct - 7th Oct. If you specifically want your flat to be surveyed, phone (020) 8294 1000 and ask for Veronica Los.

Major Works

The committee of the Residents Association discussed Major Works at their most recent meeting: see the minutes on the document tab. We agreed two documents:


Three dates to notice:

Use of the Luxborough Tower Car Park

CWH have agreed that O'Shea (the developer of the nearly completed building on Paddington Street) may use the car park of Luxborough Tower for their crane. The alternative would be street closures. Key points:

Major Works Consultation May 2016

Luxborough Tower is almost 50 years old and it is 25 years since any significant work was done on the block. CWH will soon commission consultants to do a survey of the block, and a sample of flats, to help decide the scale of forthcoming Major Works. As part of this there will be consultation sessions for residents to meet the surveyor, CWH and members of the LTRA committee. LTRA have established a Steering Group to work with CWH throughout the Major Works projects. If you have any comments, please contact LuxboroughTower@gmail.com or leave a note in our letter box in the foyer (AH Apr 2016).

Holes in the Wall February 2016

February 2016 contractors have drilled holes in the concrete along the back wall to the car park. These holes will be planted up with Virginia Creeper to cover the wall: green in spring and summer with brilliant shades of red and gold in the autumn. At the same time bird boxes are being installed in the nearby trees. When the major landscape project gets under way the plan is for further planting. (AH Jan 2016)

LTRA AGM 3rd February 2016

This year's Annual General Meeting for the Luxborough Tower Residents Association will be held on 3rd Feb 2016 starting at 6.15pm. All residents are welcome. Please do attend - we hope to have news from Westminster Housing on the plans for Major Works. (AH Jan 2016)

Great Communities Day

Saturday 5 September 2015: 2pm – 5pm, Paddington Recreation Ground, Maida Vale, W9. Celebrating our community heroes with awards:

Young carer of the yearInspirational young person of the year
Volunteer of the yearEnvironmental hero of the year
Great Neighbour: local residents who carry out good deeds within their community; it could be anything from someone helping a neighbour with shopping to someone who voluntarily runs a local parent/toddler group
CWH flyer for Great Communities Day

Luxborough Tower Play Area

Text of a letter to all residents from Andrew Almond, Technical Manager for the Library development.

"In preparation for the Luxborough Street library development, hoarding contractors have begun works installing secure hoardings around the play area at Lucborough Tower.

The hoarding will be discreet and in-keeping with the gardens.

Works are due to take one week to complete, aiming to have the hoarding in place by Tues 14 July 2015. We apologise for the short notice in commencement of works, we anticipate there will be minimal disruption to residents while the works take place.

If you have any queries relating to the hoarding works please contact Andrew Almond, Technical Manager, on 020 7245 2546 or 07500 891 734." (AA July 2015)

Update on the new Library - Cancelled

Since planning approval went through in June 2014 there have been delays with this project. (AA at CWH June 2015)

66 Chiltern Street update

There was some excitement when on Sunday afternoon, 9th August, a member of the public reported to the police that one of the cranes was listing over. The police closed off the area until a Manager from Mace arrived and assured the police that the crane was perfectly alright. The cranes have safety checks every six weeks and this one had been checked only two weeks previously.

If you want regular updates on progress with this major development send your name and email address to michelle@macegroup.com. They also hold regular residents' meetings to discuss the works. (AH Aug 2015)

Removal of the Staff Cabins from the Paddington Street site

The contractors for the Paddington Street building site are removing the cabins that act as office and staff rooms on Friday 26th June 2015. They will be craned into our car park and then taken away on a low trailer. This will involve inconvenience for those who park in that section of the car park (nos 42-45 & 51-60): you will be contacted and compensated. The contractors are also making a small payment to our Association. (AH June 2015)

works cabin being moved where the works cabin was

Closing Off the Football Area

The Heras fencing mentioned below was later changed for wooden hoarding - to secure the site for the library development.

After significant recent aggravation, with large groups of young men playing football on the knock-about pitch, the Association discussed with CWH ways to stop the incursion. It has been decided to install a 2.4 meters Heras fence to enclose the low brick wall to prevent access to the pitch and the empty space next to it. We hope that by closing down this area, they will have no option but to move elsewhere.

The building work for the library project and the associated landscaping works for Luxborough Tower should be on site this autumn so this temporary HERAS fencing and the unsightly knock-about area should not be there for too long. (AH Jun 2015)

Annual Rent and Service Charge Increase

Westminster City Council has taken the decision to increase tenants’ rents by an average of 2.19% with effect from Monday 6th April 2015. New service charges will also be payable from that date. The rent increase letters are being hand-delivered to all tenants by our local Estate Office teams, by 5pm, Friday 6th March. Each envelope contains:

Contact the Estate Office if you have any queries.

Luxborough Tower Major Works Update

See the Major Works topic page for an update on the Major Works at Luxborough Tower. (Jan 2015)

Major Works at York Mansions

York Mansions is a block managed by Westminster Housing at the top of Chiltern Street. Those Luxborough Tower flats which look west can see into the back of the block - a bit like a dolls' house. They have recently had repairs to their court yard. Scaffolding is now going up for major works on the roof and aesthetics of the building both inside and out. Contractors will keep to working hours as specified by the Considerate Constructors scheme: see the cross-reference. June 2015 is the current estimated completion date. More information from David Larkin at Westminster Housing: see Contacts. (Jan 2015)

Spring Bulbs

With shared funding from Westminster Housing and the LTRA about 1,000 spring bulbs have been planted in the grounds. (SM Nov 2014)
   picture of new hedge     picture of new hedge     picture of new hedge
Luxborough Tower head gardener Peter Vaz planting spring bulbs in the grounds with help from young residents.

The Library Project

See note about delay below. Since then Wates, the preferred developer for the site, has withdrawn so there will be a further delay whilst a new developer is chosen. The estimated start time is now April 2015. (AH 24th Oct 2014)

Residents may wonder why work has not started on the landscape improvement works, which are to be carried out in connection with the library project. These works were due to start in June 2014. We understand that the delay has been caused by continued detailed contract negotiations regarding the library project between Westminster Housing and MACE, their chosen development partners. Westminster Housing have said they will let the Luxborough Tower Residents Association know as soon as these negotiations have been concluded. (AR 22nd Aug 2014)

66 Chiltern Street / International House

These developers are now distributing a regular newsletter with news of progress with the building and details of possible noise or traffic disruption. The outline below stays the same, but we won't update the detail since that now comes from the developers themselves.

The developers Cantillon and Heron International have started erecting scaffolding around the building. They started preliminary work on-site on 5 July 2014. Henry Brooks, the site agent, explained the following:

(JG 5th Aug 2014).

The Chilterns / NCP Car Park site

The Project Manager/site boss for the site on Paddington Street says that, although the project remains on schedule, scaffolding will have to be erected for cladding the exterior. Scaffolding will come and go as various elements reach the cladding stage, starting with Chiltern Street and finishing with the Eastern-facing apartments. Scaffolding erection will start very soon (by August) and will be removed in March 2015.

Pouring concrete should finish at the end of October 2014. Construction work on the interiors should finish in March 2015. The works should be finished by July 2015. A Show House is already being advertised for this development. (JG 18th July 2014).

Repairs to the Heating Pipework

The heating system will be closed down on 5th 2015 Jan while repairs are made to the pipework to fix a leak. (Jan 2015)

Sheds Repaired - Delayed

The sheds that face onto the access roadway are being repaired and repainted, as a result of an Estate Inspection. (AH Dec 2014)

Advance Notice for 2014 AGM

Notices have gone out for the 2014 AGM: Weds 26th Nov at 6.30pm in the meeting room. Please attend and find out what the Residents Association and committee have been doing this year, and plans for the future. (NV Nov 2014)

Bench Repaired

The bench in the entrance is about to be repaired. This bench and the mirror behind it were bought in 2005 with funding obtained by Philip Lancashire and Elizabeth Young when they were Chair and Secretary of the LTRA. (AH Nov 2014)

New Village Manager

Rodney Pedrosa has taken over the role of Village Manager for Luxborough Tower, and the Marylebone team will be relocating to the Soho estate office, where it was located prior to moving to Lisson Green. See the Contact details and their external website (www). (CWH 31st Oct 2014)

Redecoration of the Entrance Hall

Westminster Housing are pleased to confirm that the lobby will be painted in early Nov 2014, free of charge to residents of Luxborough Tower (it is being paid for from the Aerial Fund). They have asked the contractors to test the paint beforehand to ensure that the Residents Association are happy. At the same time we are replacing the noticeboard. (AH 23rd Oct 2014)

Heating Survey

CWH have sent out a survey to leaseholders to establish which option they would prefer for the future of the heating system in the block. See the topic on Heating for an explanation of the two options. The LTRA committee is supporting option 2. There is a topic page on Heating. (Sept 2014)

Heating Test

CWH will be carrying out a heating test at Luxborough Tower on 17th September from 9am. We also intend to vent the warm air units on the top floors of Luxborough Tower on the same date although alternative appointments can be scheduled. Letters will be distributed to residents on the top floor flats on Monday. (CWH 5th Sept 2014)

Judy Wardell

It is with great sadness that the Luxborough Tower Residents Association has learnt of the passing away of Judy Wardell yesterday. Judy was a good neighbour and friend to many residents in the block and a highly valued and consistent committee member of the Luxborough Tower Residents Association. Her participation in and commitment to the LTRA was always much appreciated. She will be sadly missed by many. (10th Jan 2014)

New Bank Account

After various complications and delays the LTRA has a new bank account, a community account with the Co-op. See the text (PDF) explaining why that bank and account was chosen. (Jan 2014)

Andre Robert

It is with great sadness that the LTRA has learnt that Andre Robert has passed away. A long term resident of the tower Andre Robert has served on the committee for many years and his input and interest in the block has been tireless. The LTRA committee thanks Andre for all his hard work and dedication over the years. (23rd Sept 2013)

Our New Hedge

The new hedge is taking shape round the perimeter of the grounds. (19th March 2013)
picture of new hedge    picture of new hedge    picture of new hedge

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