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TMO - Tenant Management Organisation

Several Westminster Housing blocks of flats have formed Tenant Management Organisations. These organisations comprise a committee, elected from leaseholders and tenants, which takes over from Westminster Housing the responsibility for various maintenance services. For example these may include gardening, cleaning, re-decoration, and lift maintenance.

The LTRA Committee explored in 2014 the merits of this approach, and organised a meeting with two chairmen of Westminster City Council Tenant Management Organisations to learn from their experience. It became apparent from this meeting that the Tenant Management Organisation approach is slow and cumbersome to implement, and would call for very great input of volunteer time from residents; one of the chairmen with whom we met said it had for some years amounted to the equivalent of a half time unpaid job.

The LTRA Committee decided not to pursue the Tenant Management Organisation approach further, but instead to continue with the present arrangements under which Westminster Housing are responsible for maintenance - but with LTRA Committee members taking part in detailed quarterly inspections of the building, followed by the production of a monitored checklist of matters needing attention. (AR September 2014)

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